We are looking for business partners in China

Champ de Luxe sells carefully selected Champagne directly from the Champagne district in the north of France. We often visit our partners so that we are able to secure high quality distribution globally.

Champ de Luxe 的香槟来自法国北部著名的香槟之乡,我们的团队亲临当地,精选上等的香槟,供应全球。

Champ de Luxe is constantly evolving and growing and we therefore work closely with our customers to adapt our products to match their needs.

Champ de Luxe在迅速成长,我们始终把消费者的需求放在第一位,为他们提供最佳且最受欢迎的产品。

We are looking for solid business partners in China, who has experience with sales and distrubtion of alcoholic beverages. It is very important for us to build a strong relationship to ensure growth in the coming years.


If you are interested and believe that exclusive Champagne could be apart of yours product portfolio, please contact us at info@champdeluxe.dk


Champ de Luxe